Great Gift Gadget Special TWS Wireless Earphones Come with Two Independent Charging Compartments

This is our unique and special wireless bluetooth earbuds. We have applied design patent and Utility model patents last year.


Our TWS earphones come with two independent charging compartments. When they are put together, the unique magnetic design makes them suck together as a whole. At the same time, the two charging compartments can be unplugged separately to charge a single earphone without affecting the use of another earphone.

Unique hook design, one end is a USB port, directly connected to the power supply, and the other end is a MICRO USB port, which charges the battery compartment. When you don’t have space to put the headset, you can hang it on your backpack, belt or other hooks.

The whole earphone can be separated into 5 small individuals and it is so special…

When you show it at parties, you will be the center of attention among your friends.



You are able to design it as a couple earphone or customize each part colours according to your requirements.

Real Colour Mix Design


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