How to do if only one earbud has sound or the other earbud does not be connected?
  1. First delete the Bluetooth pairing name of the headset on the mobile phone before;
  2. Then turn off the phone’s Bluetooth function and put the headset back into the charging box;
  3. After 10 seconds, remove the earphones from the charging case. After the left and right headsets are paired, the indicator light of the headset flashes slowly to show that the pairing has been successful.
  4. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth to search and pair.
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot syncing earbuds to Ipad through Bluetooth? It's not giving me a device option like it did on my iphone

For Bluetooth headphone, it only could be connected with one master device, please make sure that you have already disconnected the earbuds with your smart phone before you try to connect another master device.

Are these noise canceling when listening to music?

No they do not cancel outside noise.

Can I wear the left ear only?

You could wear the left or right ear only.

If the left and right earphones can't be paired, please reset the earphones to factory setting. How to Reset?
  1. Delete all Bluetooth device name  in your bluetooth list. Turn off Bluetooth function of your phone.
  2. Hold the Control Buttons of 2 earbuds for 6s meanwhile to initialize the two earphones.
  3. Then put 2 headphones back into charging case to ensure 2 headphones have power and close the charging case.
  4. Take out 2 earbuds, both earbuds flash blue light at the same time. When the two earbuds no longer flash at the same time, the blue light keeps on, indicating that the earbuds are paired successfully.
  5. After that you can turn on our bluetooth of the phone and select to connect.

Note: Both left and right bluetooth earbuds can be used separately. Just put one of the earbuds into the charging case when you only want to use one earbud.

Do this actually stay in the ear or do they fall out ?

Please select the best fit eartips, it will be very stable and comfortable with best sound quality.

What samsung phone is the acreo earbuds compatible with

Yes,our earbuds could support bluetooth V5.2 and is compatible with samsung ‘s smart phones.

What is the capacity of the charging case? How long is the playback time?

4-5-Hour Playing Time and 400mAh Portable Charging Case: The wireless headphones bluetooth can play for 4hrs on a single charge, the charging case can recharge the bluetooth earphones about 5 times, provide extra 5hrs playback. With USB-C tech, it only takes 1.5hr every full charge for the case.

Do they have volume controll?

Yes,the earbuds could support volume control during listening, just touch the earbuds twice will increase (right earbud) or decrease(left earbud) one step of volume.

Do these have touch controls or physical buttons that you press?

It has a physical button you press to connect

Are the sound quality and bass of these headphones good?

Yes, the sound is very clear and bass is good.

How do I adjust the stand?

Push up or down. Don’t worry it will stay in place.

I know you can adjust the height, but can you adjust the angle at any any height?

Yes, it is really good at getting the height, angle needed.

What height will this stand put the monitor at?

About 7 inches above table surface.

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